welcome to my new blog!

Hello, dear readers,

I have been blogging on Amazon for a couple of months now, and received notice to use another blog service and feed it in.  I had no idea that I would be learning so much about RSS feeds, etc. once I got into writing.  I thought it would be about writing a new story!

If you are new, please visit the links posted to find out more about my first book, “Don’t come here, Julie!”  I am now trying to work on a sequel  and keep up with publicizing the first, working and the stuff of daily life.

I recently had a blast visiting Virginia.  I got to hang out with my friend and publicist, John Weaver of www.pageonelit.com and he showed me how writing is not just for telling a story in a permanent form, but it is also about making the world a better place.  I gave a couple of books to some single parents for their kids (asking only that they show it to their school librarians) as well as a new friend who nurses kids with cancer.  I inscribed my e-mail address and asked them to let me know how they’re doing.  I will let you know of any responses that I get.

As a follow-up, I have made an offer of partnering with an organization that promotes literacy.  I will also let you know if anything comes of that.

Until then, please leave a comment and let me know what’s going on with you, and any questions you may have.

Peace, love, and  especially Joy!

About P. Joy Webster

Author of "Don't come here, Julie!" Auteure de « Ne viens pas ici, Julie!» School Library Technician and ESL teacher Technicienne en documentation scolaire et professeure d'anglais langue seconde.
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3 Responses to welcome to my new blog!

  1. Shaiju Rajan says:

    Hi Joy…
    Happy to read ur entry..and wish u all the very best for ur new book and as well as for the new endeavor of promoting literacy…
    As John said and i aslo second his thots…writing is not juz all abt telling stories..its is also abt creating a better world… Happy writing..

  2. Hi Joy,

    Congratulations on all your hard work! May it bear much fruit! I look forward to your sequel to “Don’t Come Here, Julie” with much anticipation.

    Your friend, Michèle

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