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Now THIS is a true 21st Century Library!

Originally posted on 21st Century Library Blog:
The Nieuwe Bibliotheek?(New Library) in Almere, Netherlands has built a Library that embodies the?ideals of the 21st Century library!? “They redesigned their libraries based on the changing needs and desires of library users.”…

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Mon grain de sel sur le rôle d’une bibliothèque

Peut-être suis-je vieux-jeu et on pourrait me dire que j’ai besoin d’évoluer dans mon opinion de ce que c’est qu’une bibliothèque, mais il me semble que la bibliothèque est un endroit où on va pour lire et pour chercher des … Continue reading

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Sound-off on what libraries should be

I’m wondering if I’m just old fashioned, and maybe my idea of what a library is needs to evolve, but it seems to me a library is a place where one goes to read or pick up books to read … Continue reading