Still alive / Encore vivante

français plus bas.

I’m sorry I’ve been incommunicada.  I’m being tested in every area of my life, and have an emotional block whenever I try to write, and haven’t wanted to talk about it.

I’ve been using reading as a way of escape since I learned to read, and the thought recently came to me that I should work on thinking of writing as a way to temporarily escape.  Rather than letting myself be paralyzed by everything that’s going on in my life, I should use it as fuel for my writing, and make it richer.   My time dedicated to writing should give me a chance to escape my cares for a few hours.  If I can get to that point, my production will be what I want it to be, and my publicist will be as happy about it as me.  🙂 You can help by continuing to leave encouraging comments.  Thanks for your loyalty.

Je suis désolée d’avoir été trop long silencieuse.  Je vis des épreuves dans chaque domain de ma vie ces jours-ci et, à chaque fois que j’essaie de composer, j’ai un blocage émotif.  Je ne voulais pas en parler auparavant.

J’utilise la lecture comme une sortie de secours depuis que je sais lire et la pensée m’est venue en tête récemment que je devrais apprendre à considérer la rédaction comme une sortie de secours, aussi éphémère qu’elle soit.  Au lieu de me laisser abattre par tout ce que je vis, je devrais utiliser mon vécu pour alimenter ma rédaction et l’enrichir.  Le temps que je consacre à la rédaction devrait servir comme une occasion d’échapper à mes épreuves pendant quelques heures.  Si je peux arriver à ce point-là, ma production sera ce que je voudrais qu’elle soit et mon publiciste en sera aussi content que moi.  🙂

Vous pouvez m’aider en continuant de me laisser des commentaires encourageants.  Merci de votre loyauté.

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Check out Michèle’s blog

Michèle Ducasse is an up and coming actress, and one of my best friends.  She has been very supportive of my writing career and personal life, and I hope to be as much support to her in her acting career.

She played in a television series called “Untamed Lands” which has finally reached post-production after 2 years. 

The premier will be at the end of May, and we will finally take a road trip together to see it.  I’m so excited!  I’ll be able to say “I knew her back when.”

Here’s the link to her blog.  Please check it out and subscribe to it.

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Wearing 2 hats at once

I have been a Library Technician for longer than I care to admit.  As a Library Tech, I have had the occasion to meet a couple of authors and be in the position of deciding if I order their books for my libraries or not.  Some authors didn’t even have business cards, and no bookmarks or anything like that to give me a record of the information I would need to order their book(s), and I was not favourably impressed. 

A couple of weeks ago, our head Librarian invited me to present “Don’t come here, Julie!” to my Library Tech colleagues, and I gladly accepted.  However, I now realize that the shoe is on the other foot.  I am now the author, selling my books to Libraries. 

The last two weeks have been rough, and I didn’t see the time going by.  My presentation is tomorrow, and I still need to print up some more business cards. As well, I have nothing to give them to remind them to include Julie in their big order.  My apologies to the authors that I thought were disorganised.  Here’s hoping that Bureau en Gros (Staples) can print up some bookmarks for me for tonight.  Oops!

I will be reading an exerpt from the book, and will attempt to record the reading on my digital camera.  If the memory card holds out, and it turns out to be the right format, I’ll post it on facebook and youtube.  You’ll laugh at my Southern accent.

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A New Year – new horizons

I am writing the sequel to “Don’t come here, Julie!”  My goal is to have the rough draft done by April 30, 2011.   As my deadline looms before me, I’m feeling overwhelmed by trying to get back in the speed of everyday life, let alone make progress on my book and TV series.  I find myself thinking, “Such and such will never happen,  I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll never be able to write a script that will sell”, all that kind of nonsense that we tell ourselves when we’re sleep deprived and have taken on too much.   

I keep reminding myself that life will go on even if I have a stack of laundry to do, and that progress is progress, even if it’s just one page instead of the 5 pages that I was hoping to write in an afternoon.  I may not know what I’m doing for the script, but my friend and mentor, Andréanne gave me some reading to do, and I can learn and get to the point where I know what I’m doing.

I am convinced that if I learn to spend time with God, live up to my responsibilities in my libraries and ESL classes and take care of my friends, everything else will prove to be superfluous. 

My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is “no negative thoughts allowed”.  2011 can and will be as amazing as 2010.  We are allowed to have good luck for a while and not have to “pay” for it afterward with bad luck.  I’m welcoming the New Year with open arms, and expecting great things from it.  What are you expecting from the New Year?

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New web site is now functional

John has worked his magic and I now have a web site:!

There are still some final touches to be added,  I need to add the French translation and there will always be a need to update, but the basics are there and I’m thrilled.    Just admit it, John, you rock!!!

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La version française est maintenant disponible

La version française “Ne viens pas ici, Julie!” est maintenant disponible auprès de moi – laissez-moi un message si vous vous y intéressez.  Je vais vous donner des nouvelles de la disponibilité auprès des librairies et des sites web comme Amazon au fur et à mesure.

Je l’ai présenté pour la première fois le 11 décembre et j’en ai vendu quelques exemplaires.  C’était encore chaud – l’imprimerie a terminé l’impression 1 heure et 15 minutes avant le début de la séance de signatures.  Merci à la librairie La Maison Anglaise de m’avoir reçu si chaleureusement.  Merci aussi à celles qui ont révisé la traduction.  Je suis très reconnaissante de votre aide.

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Book signing, Dec 11, 2010

I had an awesome time at my first book signing in a bookstore, and I want to thank La Maison Anglaise in Quebec City for having me.  I even managed to sell a few in French.  The French books were literally hot off the press – the printers finished printing them 1 hour and 15 minutes before I had to be at the bookstore. 

Anyway, I’m leaving for the West tomorrow.  I was planning on just being a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend for the next 2 weeks, but my mom has already sold 2 books for me.  Thanks, Mom, you’re the greatest!

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