An open door?

I was doing some research on Thursday, and found out that an organization in the States is compiling a book about growing up with a certain disability.  I was diagnosed with this disability when I was 11 or 12.  They were asking people who live with this condition to submit articles about what their lives have been like, and are like today.  I sent an e-mail to enquire, and I was told that they are still looking for contributers to the book.

It’s such a rare condition, I feel I should share the experiences I have had with doctors, nurses, and other people touched by this disability.  There is no money involved, and I will likely publish it anonymously, but I’ve got a feeling that it may be a cathartic experience.  After all, what else am I going to do with all my free time? lol

About P. Joy Webster

Author of "Don't come here, Julie!" Auteure de « Ne viens pas ici, Julie!» School Library Technician and ESL teacher Technicienne en documentation scolaire et professeure d'anglais langue seconde.
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3 Responses to An open door?

  1. Nick says:

    well i question your definition of free time, i think that’s a great thing to get involved in! you continue to surprise me with all the things you’ve got going on. try not to overload yourself too much. peace,

  2. I drove for 10 hours each way this weekend to go to a party for people with this condition. I got to meet other people with this condition for the first time, which was an amazing experience. Some of them were also contributers to the book and I can’t wait to read their stories. My new friend, Claudette, told me that there is an organization in Montreal for people with this Syndrome. That’ll be a lot closer, but I still want to keep in touch with my new American friends.

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