Another way to give back

I recently had coffee with a friend, and we ended up having a heart-to-heart that blew me away.  She knew that I was looking for a friend to pray with, and she knew it was supposed to be her.   However, she resisted, not because of me, but because she didn’t think we had anything in common.  Then, a couple of years later, (once I got serious about my writing career and she found out that I was a writer) she realized why she and I were meant to be prayer partners.  It’s because she has a book inside her that is screaming to come out.

She is resisting, because it will talk about some painful experiences that she is living through, and she doesn’t want to relive them.  I shared with her about how I resisted writing for several years, because it’s a lonely job, with lots of publicity and sales, which I detest.  As well, it is difficult to make a book public.  One puts one’s heart into it, and if it is not well received, it’s hard not to take it personally.

I encouraged her to follow this dream when the time is right.  Her experiences aren’t over, and the process of writing is an incredibly long one, but worth it.  Once she’s ready, her book will help a lot of people.

After that special evening with her, my conscience was pricked.  Back in June, I went to a seminar for writers and made the acquaintance of a new author.  She gave me her address and asked me to have coffee.  I was interested, but put her off.  My mind was already on the trip to the States that I would take a few weeks later, and I was being selfish with my time.

My coffee date with my friend made me realize that I had an open door with this acquaintance, an opportunity that I needed to take.  I had already put this acquaintance off for three months.

I sent the acquaintance an e-mail, and explained to her that I was sincerely interested in having coffee, and that I would be less busy in November.  She wrote me back right away and “joyfully” (pun intended, as that was the word she used) accepted for November.

I’m excited to see what will come of her career, and I’m sure I’ll receive as much as I get from this budding friendship.  I certainly won’t wait for 3 months before we have a second coffee.


About P. Joy Webster

Author of "Don't come here, Julie!" Auteure de « Ne viens pas ici, Julie!» School Library Technician and ESL teacher Technicienne en documentation scolaire et professeure d'anglais langue seconde.
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2 Responses to Another way to give back

  1. Paula Shene says:

    God knows the ones we are to link with; it is just that we put off as if we are the infinite one with all the time to eventually connect and sometimes that is not the case. I am always happy when someone connects and am truly astounded at times, the ones the Lord links together. I’m glad He’s the one in charge. God bless you for sharing a truth some of us learn too late.

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